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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Access Tools Repository(CVS)

This is a general dump (and backup) of all code that is written as test or example systems for other projects. Additionally any third party tools that we would like to keep together and have access to will also be stored here. In general it should be used to store anything that will help others with developing and testing our products.
To Create (add) a new module to the repository:

1. Move all your source files into a directory
2. Perform a "make clean" to clear out unneeded files
3. Delete any backup files
4. run the following command:
* "cvs -d username@cvs:/files/cvs/tools import "
o where:
- what you want your module to be called
- company where code originated
- just pick a name to use as a revision tag
o "cvs -d amareshcd@cvs:/files/cvs/tools import vcomvs VCOM vcomvs_01"

To check out code from the repository:

1. create yourself a directory that you wish for the files to be checked into
2. run
* " cvs -d username@cvs:/files/cvs/tools get -PA "
- What you named the tool in the import
"cvs -d amareshcd@cvs:/files/cvs/tools get -PA vcomvs"

To find out what tools are in the repository:

1. ssh into cvs
2. type: "ls -al /files/cvs/tools/" (It's depend on your file location)

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