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Computer And Technologies: What is Relay Station (RS)?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

What is Relay Station (RS)?

Definition in Wikipedia:
Generally, an intermediate station that passes information between terminals or other relay stations.

Definition in IEEE802.16j Terminology:
Mobile Multihop Relay (MMR): The concept of relaying user data and possibly control information between an MMR base station and an IEEE Standard 802.16 compliant mobile station through one or more relay stations.

Informative Notes: Licensed spectrum is used for relay. The purpose of enabling relay is to enhance coverage, range, throughput, and capacity of an MMR–BS, and to enable very low power devices to participate in the network. The adjective “mobile” used here refers to the fact that both mobile subscriber stations and mobile relay stations are supported. It may be possible to establish multiple communication paths between an MMR-BS and a MS and communicate the same user data and/or control information through both paths to improve performance.

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